How do I schedule a consultation or ask questions?

Simple... just Contact Us and we'll get back to you! 


We also offer a FREE 10-Minute Introductory Phone Call to ask general questions about services. Contact Us to schedule one!


We are always available to clients via email and usually reply within 24 hours. Wo do not charge for minor follow-up questions. If a new issue arises, research or a reassessment is needed, a Follow-Up consultation will be necessary. Follow-Ups after the initial consult depend on the individual.


NOTE: We love naturopathy and helping animals! However, we are professionals. The Free Intro Phone Call is not a consultation. Please do not ask what remedies to use. Thank you.

How are consultations scheduled?

Consultations are scheduled in the order they are received; priority is given to urgent cases. Download and fill out the Health History/Authorization forms; scan/email to Once received, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the consultation desired. After payment, we will email within 24 hours to schedule your consultation. 

Where is your office?

Radiant Animal Wellness (RAW) has a virtual office. Distance is no obstacle for us to work with you!


To become a long distance client, you need to know your animal very well and be able to clearly convey information. Since we do not diagnose, order lab work, or perform physical exams, all you need to get started is to submit a Health History/Authorization form.


Consultations and Follow-Ups are usually scheduled Monday - Friday.


RAW keeps all client information strictly confidential.

How often will I need to consult with RAW?

This varies from client-to-client. If you are new to natural health care, on-going support would be of benefit. If you are already on this path, you may only need a little continuing support. If your animal has a ways to go to regain health or you feel comfortable with more guidance than a monthly Follow-Up consult is a good idea. We also offer discounted Radiant Health Packages.

Are there additional costs?

Any supplements/aids suggested by RAW are extra. You can obtain products through our affiliate links, recommended companies, or your own trusted sources. We are happy to provide a list of sources to make it easier for you to find them.


NOTE: Herbal products should only be purchased from a reliable Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) source to ensure high quality and authenticity. Please do not use herbs from your local health food store or supermarket.

Consultations are not for people who are:

  • looking for a quick fix

  • not open to thinking outside the box

  • not willing to put forth effort to make changes

But are for people who:

  • want to fully participate in their animals' wellness

  • appreciate guidance and support

  • have a desire to learn new things and dissolve old patterns

Health History & Authorization Forms