About Us

On our off-grid Ranch in the remote mountains of northeastern Washington State, our passion is breed conservation of heritage livestock like Shetland Sheep, Alpine dairy goats, rabbits, and laying hens. Since 2012 we have also bred our working partners the English Shepherd.


Chronic health issues led to us wanting a small companion dog. After much research, the delightful Havanese won hands-down! And the rest, as they say, is history.

Why the Havanese? Our lifestyle is rugged so a delicate dog was just not an option. The Havanese are quite sturdy and ready for adventure! They are primarily healthy and long-lived, smart, loving, and cuddly with their humans and friendly with strangers, alert to their environment, playful, and silly. They are very interactive and make us laugh every day! And of course, their beauty.

Dogs are first and foremost our beloved family companions. We are not currently able to show our dogs but respect those that do.


We are honest, drama-free, professional breeders who holistically raise high-quality purebred dogs because we love every single aspect of the process!  We have only a couple of well-planned litters each year for discriminating clients who appreciate the way our dogs and puppies are raised.


We believe strongly in responsible practices such as supporting health naturally, breeding to the standard, utilizing modern puppy raising programs, lots of love and care, selective health testing, careful screening of potential homes, lifetime support of our puppy families, etc.

As Natural Rearing Breeders we are committed to the optimum health of our dogs, puppies, and the Havanese breed for future generations. Krystal is also a Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath and Natural Rearing practices harmonize beautifully with its principles.


Our precious canine companions deserve the best; after all, that is what they always give us. It fills our hearts with gladness to see them thriving so!