The Waiting Game

Acquiring a Havanese puppy takes time and patience!  Many breeders may not have puppies available at the exact time you are ready, or may not have one suitable for your lifestyle. Your patience will be rewarded in many ways by not purchasing from a puppy mill.


Responsible breeders perform health tests on their breeding stock and often also ‘test’ them in the show ring as to sound conformation and breed type. Adopting from such a breeder means you increase the chance of a Havanese that will have a healthy and happy long life with you.

While you are waiting for “your” puppy, get out and meet Havanese dogs! A wonderful way is to attend dog shows and meetings of a regional Havanese club.  Typically it is best to arrange ahead of time to meet exhibitors or breeders at the show so that they can plan time to visit with you.

For a calendar of dog shows in your area, visit

Once you are in serious discussions with a Havanese breeder about adopting one of their puppies, ask to meet them and their dogs. Even a live video chat will enable you to see their dogs and puppies.

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