Placement Policies

Shiloh in the grass

A lot of planning, time, effort, and love goes into each and every Highland Glenn Havanese litter. We care deeply about these precious puppies and their future guardians, so we screen potential homes carefully.

Litters are limited each year. And each one carries on the legacy of our Naturally Reared line. Our wish for every puppy born is to be a cherished companion in their new home. Puppy guardians are encouraged to participate in any of the dog activities that Havanese enjoy.

How do we choose homes for our Havanese puppies? In order to determine if we have that special puppy suited for your lifestyle, we need to get to know you!

This leads to the three steps to acquiring one of our Havanese puppies:

Step 1: We ask prospective guardians to fill out and return our Puppy Application. After review, we will arrange for an informal phone discussion so that we can get to know each other and see if a placement is appropriate both for your family and one of our Havanese. We reserve the right to require a video chat. When approved, you will be added to our Waiting List. After whelping a Reservation Fee will reserve a puppy.

Step 2: To develop a greater understanding of what Natural Rearing means before adopting any puppy, we encourage you to read the recommended books, materials, websites, and join one of the social media groups devoted to these topics. Also, visit this Research page. Because we are convinced that this is the best way to keep dogs healthy we are very happy to coach you in this rewarding endeavor!

Step 3: Waiting for your puppy! We try to make the wait as pleasant as possible being available via phone and email to answer questions, our Blog, “meeting” other puppy guardians on our social media group, and weekly emails after the puppies are born, and our semi-annual eNewsletter. And should you find yourself in this neck of the woods, we warmly welcome you to come meet us and our dogs! When the time comes, work with us to find your puppy match.

If our website indicates that we have Havanese available, please Contact or email us at highlandglenn@ We will gladly email our Puppy Application Package to you. 

Occasionally we have an older puppy (16+ weeks old) available.  These puppies usually have a better-defined temperament and adjust very well to new environments. Please Contact Us if you might be interested in an older puppy. 

Admittedly, we hope for puppy homes that are either already raising their dogs naturally or people who are willing to venture into Natural Rearing and explore what it would mean for them. However, we do not exclude any suitable loving homes.

We realize that changing the way one has been used to raising dogs is a big step. It can be overwhelming to make many changes all at once. Sometimes it’s better to start by choosing just a couple of things, and then add others as you gain confidence.

Of course, we're here to support all new guardians for the lifetime of their puppy with FREE Naturopathic health and nutrition consultations as needed. We want to see our special puppies live the fullest, happiest life possible!

We welcome experienced raw feeders and gladly coach those new to this path in order that our little ones may continue to receive the best nutrition for proper development and healthy life. We believe the optimum way to attain this is through Natural Rearing. To that end, we provide our puppy families with lots of information on canine health subjects.

If you've spent time reading our website, are serious about acquiring one of our unique Havanese puppies, and ready to inquire about a future litter or puppy, then simply Contact Us to request our detailed Puppy Application Package.

If you have questions and would like to speak with us, please include your telephone number on the Contact form and we'll gladly phone you. Continue reading or see FAQ as a few questions may be answered:

SUPPORT As your Breeder and Natural Rearing Coaches, we are committed to providing extensive support and friendship to you throughout the lifetime of your HGH puppy. We will work with you to: develop a Species Appropriate Raw Food program for your puppy, explore vaccination choices, and discover what natural therapies (herbal, homeopathic, essential oils, etc.) are right for you. We are always here to help with your canine health, nutrition, and training questions!

In addition, each puppy comes with our special “Puppy Pack" which includes everything to get started on the right paw raising your new Havanese puppy!

PUPPY CONTRACT Puppies are sold under Contract which covers health and welfare for the puppy, outlining in detail the responsibilities of both the new owner and us. Everything is reviewed and discussed.

HEALTH WARRANTY We offer an outstanding Health Warranty that ensures we stand behind our puppies. We warrant that all puppies are healthy and free of communicable disease when they leave our home.  If you receive a puppy from us and a health problem develops within 48 hours, you must contact us immediately regarding the problem.  We are not responsible for veterinary costs. 

REGISTRATION & PEDIGREE AKC registration is included with each puppy. After receiving your puppy we will email you our 3-generation pedigree.

TRANSPORTATION Getting a puppy from here to there is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear. We highly recommend you personally fly or drive here to collect your Puppy. This way you have the opportunity to meet your puppy's parents in person! Depending on our schedule, we may be available to fly with your puppy o you (fees will apply). Otherwise, we recommend using a flight nanny service.

We can arrange to personally deliver your puppy to you or a flight nanny at the airport. Spokane International Airport (GEG) in Spokane, WA serves almost every major U.S city (even a few smaller ones). A Delivery Fee does apply.

We hope your questions have been answered! If not quite all of them have been addressed here or elsewhere on our site, Contact Us for more information. Email replies are generally within 24 hours, but please allow up to three days. If your enthusiasm can't wait that long, feel free to telephone us - (509) 775-0204. We are in and out tending to the Ranch. If we don't answer, we will see your number on caller ID and call you just as soon as we can.