"Rare" and "Designer" Havanese

One look in the classified section of your local newspaper will show a plethora of “designer” dog breeds. We urge you not to follow this trend when looking for your new puppy.

The “designer” breeds involving Havanese are Havapoo, Havachon, Cairnese, Cavanese, Havachin, Poovanese, Havashu, Hava-Apso, and more. All are just made-up names for mixed breed dogs. Although they may be incredibly adorable, you will end up paying top price for a dog that isn’t a registered purebred.

And then there are the so-called “rare” Havanese types: miniature, teacup, or Imperial. There is a reason the Havanese Standard says dogs should be 8.5” to 11.5” tall at the shoulder. The Havanese is bred to be a sturdy, long-lived companion dog. The mini versions have a higher risk of health issues and a shortened life span.

The Havanese breed has been around for many hundreds of years. Its personality traits and physical characteristics are highly predictable. When two or more breeds are mixed, you can’t know which traits will be dominant. You might even end up with the worst of each.

Please support responsible breeders who have the best interests of the Havanese at heart!

If you are open to a mixed breed dog, visit your local animal shelter or rescue group. They have numerous dogs that need loving homes.