Raising Puppies on the Ranch!

“Species appropriate nutrition is the single most important aspect and the greatest influencing factor upon an animal’s health.” Dr. Sarah Reagan

Our goal at Highland Glenn is to produce healthy puppies with all the unique Havanese traits that make them stand out in a crowd. Naturally Reared puppies, in general, are an elite group - given the very best possible start on all levels - and Naturally Reared Havanese puppies are rare.

When we breed a litter, we do so in the hopes of producing outstanding dogs and continuing the legacy of our Naturally Reared line. 

When we breed a litter, we do so in the hopes of producing outstanding dogs and continuing the legacy of our Naturally Reared line.

Puppies receive the benefit of modern socialization methods like Puppy Culture and Avidog during the crucial weeks they are with us. You may expect a well-adjusted, happy puppy ready for cuddles and adventure!

Our puppies are raised on a raw food diet from their very first solid meal, not exposed to harmful chemicals or medications, vaccine-free, have an enriched play environment for neurological development, and are raised on our Ranch where they get to meet visiting friends of all ages, chickens, sheep, dairy goats, and rabbits.

EARLY LIFE Litters are raised in the heart of our home! For the first four weeks, they are with their mother in a whelping box in our bedroom where they are born.  Next, they move to a large playpen in the main living area of our home where they have more space.  We spend a great deal of time with them each day! They get to meet the other dogs and livestock, and spend time outside daily playing and exploring as the weather permits.

NUTRITION For healthy puppies, nutrition begins long before conception. We feed our dogs a biologically appropriate Prey Model-style raw diet. They fairly glow with good health!


Our puppies are weaned naturally, by their mother on her schedule, without intervention. Believe us when we say that she and the puppies tell us when they're ready for more food! This is usually around five weeks of age. They are introduced to raw meat, organs, and bones providing optimal nutrition for immune strength, dentition, and overall development.

What do Highland Glenn puppies eat? Home-raised non-GMO eggs, raw goat’s milk, rabbit, goat, and lamb; grass-fed beef, chicken, wild game, a variety of organs, etc. along with supplements in moderation. Yes, they eat quite well!

LIFE LESSONS Our puppies stay with us until they are 10 to12 weeks old where their mother and other adults teach them the lessons of life. This is the natural way puppies learn canine social skills and is important in the formation of stable temperament and learning of good canine communication.

Studies show that puppies removed from their mother and littermates much before 10 weeks often have not learned how to be submissive or cautious. Puppies require this time to learn the skills of getting along with strangers, both human and animal.

The longer a pup can stay with its littermates and the rest of its canine family (within reason), the better socialized the puppy will be and all the more adaptable with other animals and people, without any diminished ability to build a strong bond with its new family.

SOCIALIZATION This is provided by all of the adults in their lives, four-legged and two. Raised in the heart of our home puppies receive lots of loving human interaction. They are familiar with everyday household sights, sounds, scents, and activity as well as some unique to our Ranch life. Weekly outings to town always garner attention! Our little ones experience a variety of situations and people, which helps them be adaptable to new experiences as they mature.

EARLY TRAINING Litters are raised using Puppy Culture and some Avidog concepts. All puppies complete our foundational puppy pre-school training. The puppies are litter box/pad trained quite reliably by the time they go to their new homes!

As they grow, the puppies enjoy the sunshine and clean mountain air. Their indoor and outdoor play areas are designed to build confidence, coordination, and strength in growing puppies all in a safe environment under our watchful eye. They navigate obstacles for development and great playtime fun!

They have constant access to an open crate, coming to view it as a secure haven and yet another fun place to play. This eases stress while the puppy settles into its new home, lays a solid foundation for ease of housetraining, and reduces anxiety when left alone for brief periods of time.

HEALTH Puppies leave our home without having been vaccinated. We take steps to support their immune system while they still have antibodies from their mother to protect them. Mild exposure helps them naturally develop their own true immunity. This is the way nature works, without interference.

Our puppies do not have their dewclaws removed. On the front, these are actually fully functioning digits used on a daily basis for traction and self-grooming. X-ray shows they are attached down to the bone. When removed, it can lead to foot/nail sensitivity.

The puppies are not dewormed with harsh chemical drugs. Chemically deworming young puppies on the schedule most breeders use destroys gut health which weakens the immune system. A puppy reared on appropriate raw food generally does not have an overload of worms anyway. While most puppies likely have a few worms from birth, a healthy system can easily handle them. In fact, this mild challenge actually teaches the puppy’s system how to heal. If deemed necessary, we use natural therapies.