The Art of Puppy Matchmaking!

We make our puppy matches no sooner than eight weeks old. The best time to evaluate a puppy’s structure is between seven and eight weeks of age. Personality development is an ongoing process. So as a future puppy guardian, we ask that you please be patient while we assess which puppies are the best matches for your home!

We spend time communicating with each future guardian to ensure a successful placement. We do not place puppies on a first-come, first-served basis. We accept reservations from those on our Waiting List for a puppy after a litter is whelped, but not for the purpose of setting a priority to pick their favorite.

Coat coloring cannot be guaranteed. Havanese coats vary greatly and often lighten as they mature. Therefore, a puppy cannot be reserved based on color.

We take your gender preferences into consideration as we direct you towards a puppy that fits your lifestyle. However, it is easiest to make a match if you are open to either sex so we can find the right puppy whose personality matches your goals.

At around seven weeks of age, our little ones go through temperament testing very similar to the Volhard Puppy Test. 

Most of our puppies are placed as pet companions which means the puppy must not ever be bred, either intentionally or accidentally.

All potential show/breeding puppy placements are under a legal contract outlining co-ownership and required health testing before breeding them. Contact us about the possibility of Full registration.

We promise you that each puppy goes to its new home healthy and well-loved!