Getting Puppy From Here to There

Since we do not ship our puppies, “How do we get our puppy?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Well, our clients either fly or drive here to collect their puppy. We much prefer to meet our puppy guardians in person anyway! 

If flying here, we can arrange to personally deliver your puppy to you at Spokane International airport. If you will be driving, we can also arrange to meet you in Spokane or you are always welcome to visit the Ranch.

Leaving their canine family and the only home they’ve known is very stressful for a puppy, there are no two ways about it. Traveling in the cabin with you as “carry on” eliminates a good deal of this stress. We also utilize scent items, flower essences, or essential oils to help your puppy feel relaxed.

If traveling here isn’t possible, we utilize video chats to “meet” one another and short video clips on our Facebook page so you can see the puppies and their parents in the home environment.

With long distances and time constraints, we know that coming here is not always feasible. Depending on Ranch activities, we might be able to fly with your puppy to you. We charge a flat fee of $600 to do so.


We highly recommend using a flight nanny service. Yes, there really is such a thing! These carry the puppy on board in the cabin, text with progress and photos along the way, and meet you at the airport with your puppy. The cost is slightly more than you flying here yourself yet comparable to air cargo shipping.

Whether you fly here or use a flight nanny, puppies must be carried onboard the airplane in a soft mesh carrier. It then slides under the seat. We begin training puppies to the carrier so they are accustomed to it well before flying.

Airlines do charge a flight fee for pets, so check with your preferred airline for specifics.


Here are the costs involved in getting your puppy from here to there: 

  • Soft Carrier (optional): $60. Some flight nanny services let you borrow one at no additional charge. We have one for training and transport to the airport.

  • Delivery Fee (required):  $100.00 – This applies whether we deliver your puppy to the Spokane/airport to meet you or a flight nanny. Spokane International Airport (GEG) is a 6-hour round trip from the Ranch.